Shipping a Car to Jebel Ali from a Copart Auction

If you purchase a vehicle from an auction (Manheim, Copart, and IAAI are among the most popular auctions) and need to ship it to Hodeidah – or Al Hudaydah – Yemen then you have come to the right place. West Cost Shipping has experience shipping cars to ports all across the world, including Hodeidah, Yemen.

The Basics of Shipping a Vehicle to Hodeidah, Yemen

As with all international car shipping, there are a few basic tips you should consider:

1. Find an experienced shipping company
2. Arrange for dropping off and picking up the vehicle
3. Prepare you car for the transportation
4. Make sure you are clear with customs

About Hodeidah, Yemen

According to Wikipedia, Hodeidah (Al Hudaydah) “is the fourth largest city in Yemen with a population 400,000 people, and the centre of Al Hudaydah Governorate. The city is also known as Hodeida.”

“Situated on the Red Sea, it is an important port, exporting coffee, cotton, dates, and hides. It was developed as a seaport in the mid-19th century by the Ottoman Turks.”

Yemen explains that “in Hodeidah, there is growth in the trend towards industrial development.. there is a number of factories, and industrial complexes in various sectors including foodstuff, dairy, beverages, plastic articles, and cement. There is also a large number of shipping and marine transport services companies.”

Free Hodeidah Vehicle Shipping Quote

If you need to have your automobile shipped to Hodeidah, Yemen then contact West Coast Shipping today by calling (510) 236-3008.